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Laser Surgery

Sand Mountain Small Animal/Equine Hospital is fully-equipped with the most advanced tools available in veterinary medicine including our surgical laser. The term "laser" is an acronym taken from the term Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser surgery has been extremely effective in human medicine for many years and has many of the same benefits for our pets.

Veterinary laser surgery offers distinct advantages to traditional scalpel or scissor procedures. One of the key benefits of the laser over bladed instruments is that the laser actually cauterizes or seals blood vessels as it generates openings, causing less bleeding. Also, the laser has a bactericidal effect, in that the heat from the instrument kills bacteria it contacts. Finally, the temperature of the laser seals nerve endings, reducing swelling, and making recovery less painful for the pet in many instances.

The use of the laser is optional in some procedures, however, when precision is necessary, laser surgery yields superior results to traditional scalpels. Dr. Adams highly recommends using laser surgery whenever possible.